De Pasteur Sensor Tag, developed by an international consortium from the high-tech and agro-food industry, is the winner of the Food Valley Award 2013. The award was handed to the winners by Annemieke Traag from the Gelderland Province during the Food Valley Expo, held on October 24 in Arnhem, the Netherlands.


The stand-alone, wireless sensor tag, developed by NXP Semiconductors and Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research and many partners, tracks the geographical origin of a perishable and the history of the conditions under which it has been handled, stored and transported. NXP developed the semiconductors. Wageningen UR developed detailed quality evolution models for various products, such as strawberries, avocados, meat and fresh-cut roses. By using these models, the tag can translate the recorded data into an accurate prediction of the perishables' quality and remaining shelf-life.

Romano Hoofman of NXP Semiconductors is happy and proud to be the winner of this year's Food  Valley Award. "We hope that retail now decides to introduce the tag. The tag is ready, but now we should take it into practice. Winning the Award certainly, read more (use the Google translate button).

Impression Food Valley Expo 2013

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